Wholly cr*p, I’m an adult! Is this really it?!

Soooo, is it just me or did one day you fully felt the weight, responsibility, and gnawing feeling of adult-hood hit you like a runaway train?

Then… shortly, after you were saddened. As you begin to think about it, your conversation with yourself went something like this (at least this is how mines went, or at least something similar ):

” Wholly sh*t, I am about to be 30 in three years?”

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Then I begin to think about my bank account…then I took a look at my bank account, my student loan bills, and then a deep introspective examination of my life and said,

“Oh, wholly sh*t, I am about to be 30 in three years?”

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Following, the second pronounced and exclaimed “oh, wholly sh*t…” I begin to spiral into a depressive descent. Wondering and questioning,

“when did I get here?” (the proverbial “here” as in this juncture in my life)

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“Is this how 27 is suppose to be look?”

Because it most certainly is not what I had in mind. I was thinking 27 would be more like the male equivalent of Jennifer Garner’s ” 13 going on 30″– I was suppose to be on track to being 30, forget flirty, but thriving.

Next, I did what most people would do in my position (at least that is what I told myself), I had a good boo hoo! Full on man tears ( of course, I kept it classy (at least that is how I am choosing to tell it; nonetheless, there were full on man tears)


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Finally, I did what any self-respecting, millennial would do… I got mad and decided to take to social media… In actuality, I took some time to come up with a plan and chart a path forward, so that my next 27 years look as great as I know they will be.

After planning, I realized how many millennial’s out there are on the #StruggleBus (yes, I know the term is played out but let’s get real it precisely describes the millennial struggle). We are out here with big ideas, little guidance, a lot of resistance, and at times…what feels like diminishing hope.

So The Art of the Adulting Millennial was born. A guidebook to navigating the road between whatever you call post adolescences/ teenage-hood and becoming a full on “Adult” (whatever that means, because their definitely seems to be a low supply of good examples).  I will discuss life lessons/rules for making it on the journey of Adulting.

Feel free to drop me a line, comment with your Adulting journey stories, and follow me on twitter @AoAMillennial