About me

Born in the year 1990 anno domini (A.D.) in the greatest city on the face of the earth Queens, New York. Donald Wiggins Jr. was raised between Flushing, New York and Rego Park, New York.

Ok…. Let’s pause. I will NOT be writing this about me section in the third person. It simply does not feel natural and more so authentically me. However, I reserve my right to come back and change it up, after all it is my story!

Sooo.. I am going to fast forward past my infancy and young adolescences…. after graduating from Bayside High School (conveniently located in Bayside, Queens) I attended St. John’s University.

Upon starting my journey at St. John’s University, I planned to study chemistry and political science, then go on to law school. I would use my chemistry degree to discover the cure to cancer and my law school training to become a uber wealthy patent agent, turned legislative drafter, turned world ruler. As is customary with life, the axiom “man plans, God disposes (or laughs)” rung true.

Chemistry and I was an equation that would not balance. So, I focused my time and talents on my other interest and passion–politics. I decided to major in government and politics and went on to pursue a master of public administration degree from The Ohio State University. Following, graduate school I was glutton for more punishment and decided to obtain a juris doctrate. After 2 years in law school and being exasperated from institutional indoctrination, I decided to accelerate my law school education and completed law school in 2.5 years.

Finally, free from the benefits and bondage of post-secondary education– I now am a buoy in the vast ocean of life.  Continuing my journey from the safe shores of adolescences and collegiate institutions to the mighty land of adulthood, self efficacy, and self-defined success that many envision but few find its majestic shores.

This blog is the realization of the life lessons I have learned–sometimes through introspective reflection and other times through the treacherous pain of life’s agonizing unexpected blows and whirlwinds of betrayal; and yet, other times from profound conversations with people from all walks of life.

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