Rule #6: Everything at one point in time was impossible.

I am going to get straight to it,  rule #6: everything at one point in time was impossible.

Some days–for example, like yesterday for me–you wake up and a task that is before you seems impossible.

As the day goes on the mere thought of even beginning the task seems momentous and unfathomable. Next thing you know, the sun rose and set and you have made no progress on a seemingly impossible task.

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Then, there are days you wake up and it feels as if you can bend the very fabric of time itself and move mountains.

I have come to realize the only difference between the two above described days is mindset.

In 1954, Roger Bannister became the first athlete to set the record for a 4-minute mile. Since then, over 1,400 athletes have broken the record.

Before Ernest Rutherford’s discovery of atom splitting in 1919, atomic energy would not be possible. Nor would Albert Einstein advancement and discovery of the theory of relativity.

From Roger Bannister to Albert Einstein, their works and contribution to their respective fields stand to show us that at one point in time what was viewed as impossible became possible. It is only through a change in attitude, mindset, and with tenacious belief and unfettered determination does impossible become I’m- Possible! 

So regardless of the day you have before you, the task that may stand in your way to completion, or the circumstances that you are presented with, remember rule #6: everything at one point in time was impossible.

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